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  • The PMC Project - a short documentary

    15 May at 20:24 from atlas

    This is a compelling documentary by Alistar Kata about the work of the Pacific Media Centre team, including the director David Robie. ...

  • Asia Pacific Report live current affairs

    15 May at 20:21 from atlas

    Our readership went through the roof with last week's Philippines election coverage. The week before it was West Papua with high ...

  • David Robie on Storify

    16 December at 18:05 from atlas

    Journalist and media educator in Aotearoa/New Zealand David Robie's Storify files. Check out my blog ...

  • Rainbow Warrior's truth-seeking remembered as secrecy lingers

    16 December at 14:18 from atlas

    David Robie reflects on the killing of journalists in the Pacific, including photojournalist Fernando Pereira of the Rainbow Warrior. ...

  • Launch of Eyes of Fire on Rainbow Warrior

    7 August at 16:06 from atlas

    AUCKLAND: The launch of a new edition of David Robie's Eyes of Fire book about the last voyage and ...