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  • David Robie talks media freedom to Radio Australia

    2 October at 20:07 from atlas

    ABC Radio Australia's Mornings with Phil Kafcaloudes interviews Pacific Media Centre director and author David Robie about the state of ...

  • Fighting for East Timor's right to free expression and information for everybody

    1 March at 18:38 from atlas

    EARLIER this month Café Pacific published two commentaries on the draconian proposed media law for Timor-Leste and why journalists are ...

  • New Pacific media and politics book

    15 January at 16:19 from atlas

    THREE DECADES of reportage and media and research in the Asia-Pacific region and an analysis of journalism methodologies and studies ...

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    21 December at 12:04 from atlas

    WE wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This image of a young Balinese woman spreading Christmas spirit in Kuta is part of ...

  • Global-hopping sabbatical of free media, 'resource curse' advocacy and volcanoes

    21 December at 11:52 from atlas

    WHAT do Pacific human rights in Yogyakarta, climate change media strategies in Fiji, media freedom in Stockholm, digital free speech in ...